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About Us

Who We Are & What Are These Letters

Charli Sorrentino, CCBC, CPDT,  ABCDT-L2, CMDT

Owner, Head Trainer & Behavior Specialist


APDT (CLASS)  Canine Life & Social Skills Instructor and Certified Testing Evaluator


What these letters mean to you as a dog owner is that I have received a formal education in dog training & behavior modification from several of the most respected & reliable teaching institutions.  I continue my education in order to provide the most current, up to date scientific findings for my clients.


What it means to your dog is that they will be safe, comfortable and happy to go through whichever program they require.

So before you make a decision to hire a dog professional I want you to ask yourself these two questions -

1) Would you send your child to a school where the teachers weren't formally educated and certified?

2) Would you send your child to a school where intimidation and physical punishment was implemented?

If the answer to these two questions is no, then make sure to ask the exact method used, what equipment is used and who is this person certified by.      

​We here at The Dog Chick Dog Training & Rehabilitation are fully Certified, Professional Canine Trainers and Behavior Specialists.


Your dog is NEVER in danger of being physically or emotionally damaged by any of the science based methods.


Our knowledge and experience affords us the opportunity to solve your dog's problems utilizing positive, motivational methods in conjunction with classical conditioning, counter conditioning, desensitization, etc. 


Motivational training means we determine what your dog finds pleasant and use that to encourage & teach a better behavior.   Rewarding the good behavior is what completes the cycle of success.


The combination of our  formal education and experience paired with your love and dedication is what makes this process so successful.


What You Can Expect

Amazement on how quickly your dog can learn

An enjoyable learning experience for you & your dog


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