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My main focus is not only the success of training or modifying a behavior, but it is the road in which I take to get there. Your dog is as important to me as mine own are, which is why I am such an advocate for the humane methods of training and behavior modification.


There must be consideration and kindness when teaching dogs and when dealing with dogs that are exhibiting concerning behaviors.   Being able to determine when a dog is feeling stressed, frightened or angry is extremely important in both training & behavior modification.   What we see on the outside in behavior is a mirror for what is really happening inside, therefore it is essential that we understand what is going on.  Dogs do not display unwanted behaviors on a conscious, premeditative level.  They are simply reacting to a situation that is causing them to react on an emotional level.  Past experiences, environment and genetics play a big role in a dogs behavior but that doesn't mean we can't help to change it.     With our help the dog can learn to make better choices, but they can't do it alone.


Getting to know each individual dog is a pertinent part of the equation as not all dogs learn at the same level nor are they all motivated by the same things.


You and I will work together to bring your dog to the place where you want him/her to be, by combining my knowledge & experience with your love & dedication. Whether it be for teaching new behaviors or conquering and altering concerning ones working together is the key to success.     

- Charli Sorrentino, , CCBC, CPDT, ABCDT-L2, CMDT
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